2017 Men’s Hair Style Trends

The Textured Top

Sometimes the best way to change up your look is not a wardrobe work over, but a simple new haircut. Over the past few years, the trend has been clean and slick, but now the move is going towards a more messy and free-flowing hair style.

There are lots of different looks that can be created which is why this hairstyle is catching on. There are some similarities between implementations of the textured top, which normally includes keeping the sides and back trimmed shorter and a fade into the longer point cut hair on top for an uneven, nicely textured look.

Long Hair Styles

Male models have sported longer hair for a long time now. The look has even grown in popularity from actors like Kit Harrington, who portrays the long-haired Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. Hair products have improved greatly and now give more volume and bounce than ever. As men are get better at using products, they will continue to let their grow longer.

The Throwback Style

What goes around, comes around, and this holds true for the boy-band hairstyles that were big in the 1990s and have now re-emerged. It is likely we will continue to see the trend of the parted brow-length fringes grow in popularity.

Colour That Hair

For a very long time now, women have coloured their hair for a new look or maybe to just cover up those darker or gray roots. As the times have changed, so has the trend for men to add a little colour to their hair. Take Adam Levine of Maroon 5, who took his dark brown hair and went platinum. It is quite likely we will see more bold colors emerge as people become more comfortable with bolder, louder colours.

Over the past few years, beards have become a more popular and acceptable look for men in the office. Bold hair colour is on the same path of acceptance for men. While it may not be for everyone if you’re looking to try a change in your look, try getting your hair bleached for a big change. You can even add colour later if you want to go bolder.

If your looking to make a change in your appearance, your hair does a lot to make a striking change. There are plenty of trendy hairstyles prevalent right now, and no matter which you go with, you are sure to make a big difference. Many men and women feel that their hair is a part of what makes them attractive. Going with a trendy hairstyle or hair colour can be fun and give you the stylish look you want.

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