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Men’s Hair Replacement & Confidence

Most men love having a full head of hair. It gives them satisfaction knowing they can create a great looking hairstyle and look good when going out for a night on the town or when just lounging at home. When guys begin to lose their hair, it can be tough for many of them. It can rob men of not only their hair but their self-confidence as well. For some guys, when you start to lose your hair you just have to deal with it. There isn’t anything that really works, so you make the best of it. Thankfully, that isn’t true. With today’s technology, […]

Hair Loss and What You May Not Have Expected

At IHRS, we look to be a source of information for men and women with thinning hair and hair loss. It is our responsibility to help individuals through the initial stages of their hair loss. It is one of the most important things we do. Every day, each of us deal with our hair regardless of the amount of hair each of us have. We go beyond the initial feelings and decisions to help our clients in every stage of hair loss. This might be something that is new to you and perhaps an approach that many other studios don’t take.

No More Isolation

Most men […]

4 Great Hair Hacks For This Holiday Season

With the holiday season quickly approaching, there will be many get togethers with family and friends. You will want to look your best and with a few simple steps you have gorgeous hair and save on time and money. There are so many hair care products available these days, but their are many things you can do with products in your own home that work fantastic.

Lighten Your Hair with Lemon Juice

Mixing lemon juice with coconut oil helps to lighten your hair without damaging it.

Mix one cup of lemon juice with ¼ cup of coconut oil. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray […]

How To Think About Your Thinning Hair

Most people go through life just with the notion they just need to accept the hair they were born with. It can hard on your hair to change texture and color. To experiment with your hair style by cutting it short or even growing it out is no easy task because it can take time for it to grow back or grow out. If you are a woman that is experiencing hair loss because of your genetic makeup or perhaps a medically-related reason, there is little you can do to stop the hair loss. This of course doesn’t mean you can have a great full […]

I Refused to Allow Hair Loss to Ruin My Holidays

The holidays are something I have always loved. It was always great to be able to spend time with the people I love, and create memories that will last a lifetime. For me I haven’t been able to create those precious memories I wanted over the last decade or so.

Two years ago, I decided to go back to my hometown for the holidays, and celebrate with old friends and family. I was so excited to see everyone again, but I couldn’t help worrying about what people would say when they saw me after such a long time. I had lost a lot of hair since […]

Signs of Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of those things that doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, if you’re young or old, hair loss is something that can happen to anyone. Like many medical conditions, early detection is best to stop or at least slow down the progression. Each of us lose approximately 100 strands of hair each day. This is normal and there is no need for concern. Significant hair loss doesn’t generally happen over night, it happens over time and that is one of the reasons it can be difficult to catch right away. The best thing you […]

Will Laser Hair Therapy Work for You?

In recent years laser hair therapy has become one of the most popular hair restoration solutions. There are many individuals that come through our doors that are great candidates for laser hair therapy. We have seen some truly amazing results from this type of treatment.

Some of our clients have had some basic questions about laser hair therapy, and we thought we would answer some of them here for you.

Am I a candidate for laser?

When someone comes in for an initial, confidential hair loss evaluation, we use a digital imaging device to determine the health of your existing hair follicles. If you have enough healthy […]

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Hair loss and thinning hair is often emotionally traumatic. It can affect how you see yourself and how you interact to people around you. For over 25 years, we have been helping men and women restore not only their hair, but also their confidence.

Whether you are experiencing thinning hair and want to stop your hair loss, or want more hair, we offer the latest clinically proven hair loss treatment and hair restoration solutions for men and women of all ages and hair types.

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