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Supporting a Loved One with Trichotillomania

It doesn’t matter who it is, whether your daughter, sibling, partner, or friend; if they are suffering with Trichotillomania, they need your support, but that in and of itself can be a challenge; even more so if you don’t understand what is happening. For many of us, we try and help by offering advice, but without a clear understanding of the situation, that advice may only frustrate an individual with trichotillomania and that can make them feel helpless.

There are some important guidelines you should follow so you better understand what the person you care about is going through. Trichotillomania is a hair pulling […]

Hair Loss Concerns Revealed

There is research that shows that eight out of ten people are unhappy with their hair. This is not because they don’t like the way it looks but rather they believe their hair is adversely affecting their career and love life.

With individuals that were surveyed, over 50 percent of them had concerns about their hair and thought it negatively affected their confidence. Ten percent of people admitted to cancelling plans because they had hair concerns.

The Main Concern? Thinning Hair
For those with hair concerns their main concern is that they may be losing their hair. Over two thirds of people with are constantly worried that their […]

Hair Loss in Women Over 50

For many women, just turning 50 can be a hard enough reality. Add to that any thinning hair issues and the emotional stress can go off the charts. Before we go into the role that menopause and aging itself has on hair loss, let’s take a look at alopecia. It’s something that can happen to anyone, at anytime after puberty. It is also a common form of hair loss for those over the age of 50.

Two Types of Alopecia

Over 5 million people are affected by Alopecia areata in the United States. This disease is considered an autoimmune disease. What this means is the human […]

Will Laser Hair Therapy Work for Me?

If you have been dealing with thinning hair or hair loss then you have probably been through several websites that claim they have treatments to regrow your hair. You have probably come across information that talked about treatments that can reverse hair loss, while others offer less inviting side effects or have ingredients that can irritate the scalp. It is our opinion that laser hair therapy is not only an effective non-surgical hair loss treatment but it is also backed by the FDA.

Laser hair therapy is recognized as an option for both men and women with certain types of hair loss. Usually this treatment […]

I Have Female Hair Loss: Now What?

For anyone who discovers they are suffering from hair loss, it can be a scary thing, even traumatic. For men they can usually work the bald look and even make it look sexy, but for women, that is not the case. If a woman is seen with hair loss, it is assumed she is not well. Around 30 million women in America suffer with extensive hair loss and there are many more that have thinning hair as a result of menopause and from medications.

In a normal day we lose about 50 to 100 strands of hair. When you experience setbacks like severe stress from […]

Prescription Medications That Can Cause Hair Loss

The list of medications that can cause hair loss is long and complex. It can be brought on my any of the medications below. It is worth noting that it is not an all-inclusive list.

  • Many acne medications can cause hair loss. This includes those that contain retinoids or vitamin A.
  • Cholesterol-type drugs or statins can cause hair loss.
  • Anti-clotting medications (blood thinners).
  • Antibiotics and antifungal medications, especially when taken over a long period of time.
  • Some types of birth control pills can cause hair loss in women.
  • Immune system drugs often cause hair loss.
  • Drugs used to treat breast cancer.
  • Hormone replacement therapy.
  • […]

The First FDA-Approved Treatment for Alopecia

Everyday each of us lose about 50 to 100 hairs, but if you’re experiencing more than that or if you notice patches of baldness, that could be a sign that you are in the beginning stages of hair loss. While hereditary hair loss is a common type that over 80 million men and women in the United States suffer from, there is a type of hair loss that is on the rise, which is alopecia areata.

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease where the body attacks its own hair follicles. This causes smooth, round patches of hair loss on the scalp and other places on […]

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