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Salt Water Surprisingly Therapeutic Hair Benefits


A lot of men and women avoid swimming in the ocean in fear that the water will cause havoc on their hair. With everyone looking to keep cool this summer, hitting the beaches and taking a dip in the crashing waves is both fun and refreshing. While chlorine used in pools can be detrimental to hair, many believe that the saltwater is bad for hair as well, but the real truth is it is exactly the opposite.

The Benefits of Salt Water

Many people that come from areas that are cold and dry to areas that are more tropical, often notice that their thought of what salt […]

2017 Men’s Hair Style Trends

The Textured Top

Sometimes the best way to change up your look is not a wardrobe work over, but a simple new haircut. Over the past few years, the trend has been clean and slick, but now the move is going towards a more messy and free-flowing hair style.

There are lots of different looks that can be created which is why this hairstyle is catching on. There are some similarities between implementations of the textured top, which normally includes keeping the sides and back trimmed shorter and a fade into the longer point cut hair on top for an uneven, nicely textured look.

Long Hair Styles

Male models […]

Dieting and Health: Hair & Skin Edition

Crash Dieting is a No-No! Particularly When it Comes to Your Hair and Skin

Crash Dieting isn't Good for Health Hair SkinYou have vowed that you are going to lose the weight once and for all. You are determined and ready to make the sacrifices needed. While this sounds great, you don’t want to use a crash diet to make it happen. There are a number of problems that can develop to your skin and hair as a result if you do. If you follow the right diet, not only can you reduce the number on the scale, […]

Women’s Hair Loss: Stress & a Busy Life

In the United States it is estimated that 66% of women work over 40 hours per week. If you add household maintenance and family into the mix, you have a whole lot of everything that points to stress. The side effects of stress are well documented, including how stress affects us physically, including high blood-pressure, fatigue and even serious heart conditions. But one thing that can come from stress that many women don’t realize and takes them by surprise is thinning hair and female hair loss.

Androgenic Alopecia is a hair loss condition that […]

How Laser Therapy Can Treat Hair Loss

If you are experiencing thinning hair and find more hair in the sink and on your brush than you used to, you’ve probably scoured the internet for hair loss solutions that will stop your hair from falling out and help you regrow the hair you’ve lost.  There are a lot of hair loss “cures” out there, and unfortunately, a lot of them simply don’t work. And while some topical products work to stop further hair loss, they come with significant side effects and in the long run don’t give you the solution you want and need.  But there is one non-surgical, non-invasive hair loss treatment […]

Celebrity Hair Loss, The Best Kept Secret

Many of the celebrities we see on TV or on the big screen have their hair and makeup done by professionals so they look picture perfect when we see them. It is hard to imagine that some of them might have some sort of hair loss. Here are just a few celebrities that suffer from baldness

Victoria Beckham has been dealing with thinning hair for a couple of decades now. It started back in her “Spice Girl” days. In order for her to become Posh Spice, she turned to hair extensions. That overuse of hair extensions is what caused her thinning hair. There have been some […]

4 Things Your Hair Can Say About Your Health

Most of us think of our hair as something that is “just there,” like our nails, but we never really think of it as part of our body that gives us a clue about our health.

hair loss causesWhen our hair goes through changes, like turning from thick, shiny hair to limp, dull looking hair, you may want to ask yourself what have you done recently to account for this dramatic change in your hair structure and texture.

Did you swim in chlorinated pool, or change the color of your hair? These are just some of the things that […]

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