Enhanced Plasma Therapy – A Closer Look

Men's Non-Surgical Hair Restoration - Jacksonville, FloridaGoing bald today is the same battle it was in the past. Celebrities like Vin Diesel, LL Cool J, Dwayne Johnson having a bald head is more acceptable for men of all ages. But for men that are not quite ready to give up on the hair or for women that struggle with the emotional impact of thinning hair, hair loss treatments including pills, liquids, steroids, and hair transplant surgery are popular methods to end their ordeal. An effective, minimally invasive and safe treatment for hair loss has been pretty elusive. Experts could be a step closer to success though thanks to a treatment tool that’s all-natural and easy-to-access: the patient’s blood.

How can blood help regrow hair?

Thanks to this new method patients with a series of injections known as Enhanced Hair Loss Treatment Therapy, balding patients can regrow hair. While this procedure is not new, it is when it comes to the application in the role of hair regrowth. The treatments begin with blood drawn from the patient and then it is spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the red and white cells. After adding nutrients like protein, they along with growth factors are injected into the scalp where there has been hair loss. This is a non-surgical procedure and only local anesthesia is needed.

This therapy has been used for years in sports medicine to help in the healing process of injuries to Achilles tendon, joints and muscles by adding stimulation to stem cells. When it comes to treating hair loss, it stimulates inactive or newly implanted hair follicles to enter the growth phase resulting in hair to start growing again.

Who’s a good candidate for Enhanced Hair Loss Treatment Therapy?

Enhanced Hair Loss Treatment Therapy works because it targets androgenetic alopecia, this is a hereditary hair thinning that men and women are can both affected by. Women that have a loss due to traction alopecia, hair thinning caused by tight ponytails, braids, and other hairstyles where the hair is pulled tight, the hair becomes stressed and falls out. The best candidates are those that have only recently begun to lose hair. It won’t work for anyone that is completely bald as it won’t regrow all the hair loss.

What is the cost and recovery time?

The entire procedure takes about 90 minutes per session. It is recommended to patients that they have one treatment per month for the first four months, and then two per year as maintenance treatments. The injections to treat hair loss are a simple in-office procedure with no downtime.

IHRS Hair Restoration – Jacksonville, Florida

The best way to determine the most appropriate hair loss solution for you is to talk privately with a trained hair restoration and hair loss treatment specialist. At International Hair Restoration Systems, we constantly strive to give you the freedom to choose what is the absolute best solution for you. We provide our clients with personalized custom solutions, including state-of-the-art advanced hair transplant procedures and non-surgical hair loss treatment options that are so natural that there is simply no reason to suffer from hair loss or baldness any longer.