Hair Restoration Jacksonville, Florida

Men and women that suffer with hair loss find it to be devastating to their self-confidence and self-esteem. There are several options when it comes to hair restoration procedures but they don’t all produce the same results. Doing some researching and talking to a hair loss specialists will ensure you know the facts before deciding what procedure to go with.

Surgical and Non-surgical Hair Restoration Procedures

Punch Extraction Method: The outdated punch extraction method which is also referred to as “hair plugs” method is a non-surgical option which extracts larger round patches of hair follicles and transplants them in areas on the scalp that you are looking to have more hair. This method often leaves you with an unnatural look of patches (plugs) of hair in the transplanted locations. This method is outdated and not a method we practice because the end result isn’t what we want for our patients.

Strip Method: One surgical hair restoration method is known as the “Strip” method. A strip of hair from a thicker part of your scalp, typically on the back of the head and placed in a location where hair growth is desired. This type of procedure leaves a linear scar at the donor site.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method: Follicular Unit Extraction is a refined solution to older outdated techniques. At IHRS in Jacksonville, FL it is our preferred method in hair restoration because you get the most natural looking results. This method harvested hair follicles individually from the patient and then they are transplanted in the locations where thinning hair is occurring. No plugs, no linear scar, just hair that looks natural.

Hair Regrowth and Healing Success

A hair restoration procedure and all the implications around it are vital and important. If not more important is the healing and the long-term results. NeoGraft FUE is the procedure we use most often to give men and women permanent hair with no linear scaring. For hair restoration, we have found that treating hair transplant patients with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) immediately after a NeoGraft procedure helps patients recover and improve the end result. Injection treatments are recommended to further aid in the success of the follicle graft. A robust healing and follow-up protocol is important in the success of any procedure.