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Enhanced Hair Loss Treatment Therapy for Thinning Hair

Enhanced Plasma Therapy - A Closer Look Going bald today is the same battle it was in the past. Celebrities like Vin Diesel, LL Cool J, Dwayne Johnson having a bald head is more acceptable for men of all ages. But for men that are not quite ready to give up on the hair or for women that struggle with the emotional impact of thinning hair, hair loss treatments including pills, liquids, steroids, and hair transplant surgery are popular methods to end their ordeal. An effective, minimally invasive and safe treatment for hair loss has been pretty elusive. Experts could be a step closer to [...]

What is the Difference Between a Wig and Hair System

Wigs and hair systems, at first you might be inclined to think they are the same thing. They both can give you back your hair when other options can’t all while also restoring your confidence. When hair specialists talk about general hair replacement options, they are often referring to the term “hairpieces” which is a catchall phrase for wigs, toupees, and hair systems. If you’re trying to decide which is better for you between a wig or hair replacement system, you should know the differences. Wigs: Pros & Cons Hollywood has had stars often use wigs to achieve the right look for the part they [...]

Is a FUE Hair Transplant Right for You?

One hair transplant method that is getting a lot of attention is the Follicular Unit Excision (FUE). With this procedure receiving more attention, more questions are coming about in regards to how effective it is and what the process is. The most asked questions are if the results are permanent and if there is any maintenance that has to be done for your lifetime. We are going to jump into some of these questions and hopefully give you the answers you are looking for.   The FUE Hair Transplant Process The Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) procedure is one of the most effective hair restoration solutions [...]

COVID-19: Hair Loss in Long Term Survivors

Telogen Effluvium Hair Loss & Covid-19 Since the Covid pandemic began things have changed the world over. Even today many that have survived falling victim to the virus and have had a full recovery are finding they aren’t out of the woods yet. There is a new term, “long-haulers” that has emerged. It refers to those with lingering health issues stemming from Covid. One of those issues is hair loss. The researchers looking into the after-effects of Covid-19 do not believe Covid attacks the hair follicles. They believe hair loss is the body’s reaction to the physiological and emotional stress that the disease has caused, [...]

Coping with Female Pattern Baldness and other Hair Loss in Women

When most people think hair loss, they think of a man with a receding hairline. However, hair loss is common in women too. Up to 40 percent of women in America suffer from hair loss of any type. Most of the 40 percent experience hair loss in their 50s and 60s, but women of any age can suffer from hair loss. Men are usually comfortable with hair loss, but this is not the case for women. If you have experienced or are experiencing female hair loss, don’t worry; there are many steps you can take to help fight the devastating effects. Hair Loss: The Signs [...]

Men’s Hair Care vs Women’s Hair Care

If you were to do a google search for the average amount a woman spends on hair care products, you will find the average price per year is around $700. This is where the battle of the sexes comes into play as men spend about one-third or less than women do on their hair and hair styling. Our society is a pretty vane one and so women try to fight the grey hair as long as possible so the hair coloring costs alone pump that number up for women. Blonds may have more fun but they will spend way more to keep those grey roots [...]

8 Common Questions About Hair Restoration

If you’re experiencing hair loss and looking for a solution, hair restoration could be your answer. It can give you the hair you used to have or the head of hair you’ve always dreamed about. Before deciding to try hair restoration, though, it’s important to do your research. Here are the answers to some of the common questions that people have about hair restoration. 1. What are my Options? The term “hair restoration” encompasses a wide variety of procedures suited to treat different levels and types of hair loss. Some treatment options aim to create the best environment on your scalp for hair growth, such [...]

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