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Do You Have Questions About Enhanced Plasma Therapy?

How long does EPT for hair loss last?

Men and women that opt for Enhanced Plasma Therapy understand that there will be some maintenance required. Patients will need to repeat the treatment every month for the first three months. Once the treatment is complete, we recommend patients receive further EPT treatments every 6 to 12 months depending on your circumstances. This yearly treatment will help ensure that you maintain the hair growth.

Does EPT for hair regrowth really work?

The short answer is yes. Enhanced Plasma Therapy for hair growth does work. A series of injections prompt inactive hair follicles to begin growing again. These injections can also […]

Will My Hair Transplant Last Forever?

When a hair transplant is performed by a skilled surgeon that is well trained and experienced then your hair restoration should last a lifetime. That is as long as you take care of your locks.

Hair Loss Right After Hair Transplant Surgery

There is a condition called “shock loss” that happen a few weeks after a hair transplant procedure. It is caused from the trauma that your scalp undergoes during the procedure. There is no need to worry because this hair loss is only temporary. Your hair will grow in its normal growth pattern within a few months.

Additional Hair Loss

Some patients can experience some hair loss […]

What is a European Hair Wig?

European Hair Wigs

womens alopecia chemotherapy wigs Jacksonville FLEuropean hair wigs are amazing. For many women dealing with hair loss from alopecia areata, wigs are certainly something they think about. Choosing to wear a wig does wonders for building up your self-image and even your self-esteem.

It doesn’t matter if you have been wearing wigs for years or if you are just starting to think about getting one, we know you have questions and we hope to answer them.

European hair wigs are natural and healthy looking and they can be curled, straightened and blown dried with hair dryers. This […]

Are Millennial Men Losing Their Hair

Have you ever wondered why millennial men are losing their hair? You can be at the gym, or at work, it could possibly be guys you know in your life in friends and family that all seem to have one thing in common. Many of them are showing signs of hair loss. While some of this might seem like a current hair trend because so many men are going bald on purpose. There are several important reasons why some men are experiencing hair loss at a young stage in their life. If you or someone you know is going through hair loss, it is good […]

Debunking 3 Myths of Hair Replacements

Today more than ever there is more talk about hair replacement systems. Much of that talk is because of growing interest in hair loss solutions. While some of that talk is true, some of it can be misleading. We are here to debunk three of the most popular myths.

Are you insecure about your bald patches? Do you have thinning hair because of age or is it because of medical issues? By the time we reach 50 years of age, there is approximately 85% of men that have significantly thinning hair and 70% of women by the time they reach the age of 70 that […]

What Causes Female Pattern Hair Loss?

There are many causes of hair loss for women that include medications, medical conditions, physical or even emotional stress and genetics. If you are noticing unusual hair loss, it’s important to consult with your primary care physician, a dermatologist or seek help with a hair loss specialist to determine the cause of your hair loss.

A dermatologist can examine your scalp and let you know if you suffer from female pattern hair loss or if there is another cause of your thinning hair.

How to Know if You Have Female Pattern Hair Loss?

Clinicians and hair replacement specialist use the Ludwig […]

Are Hair Transplants Permanent?

Hair transplantation is recognized as an effective solution for restoring hair as a result of hair loss. Clients that are considering hair transplant surgery seem to ask the same question: Will it last, or will I begin to lose the hair I am replacing? Hair transplants are a permanent natural solution for a number of reasons.

An Ample Supply

Most of us have permanent hair in ample supply. This is true even to those who are experiencing severe hair loss. That’s because hair is usually found in the back or sides of the head, where we don’t see it and it doesn’t have much of an […]

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