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COVID-19: Hair Loss in Long Term Survivors

Telogen Effluvium Hair Loss & Covid-19 Since the Covid pandemic began things have changed the world over. Even today many that have survived falling victim to the virus and have had a full recovery are finding they aren’t out of the woods yet. There is a new term, “long-haulers” that has emerged. It refers to those with lingering health issues stemming from Covid. One of those issues is hair loss. The researchers looking into the after-effects of Covid-19 do not believe Covid attacks the hair follicles. They believe hair loss is the body’s reaction to the physiological and emotional stress that the disease has caused, [...]

Men’s Hair Care vs Women’s Hair Care

If you were to do a google search for the average amount a woman spends on hair care products, you will find the average price per year is around $700. This is where the battle of the sexes comes into play as men spend about one-third or less than women do on their hair and hair styling. Our society is a pretty vane one and so women try to fight the grey hair as long as possible so the hair coloring costs alone pump that number up for women. Blonds may have more fun but they will spend way more to keep those grey roots [...]

10 Myths And Facts About Hair Loss

10 Myths and Facts About Hair Loss Understanding and treating hair loss is a billion-dollar business. In the attempt to find products, cures and procedures that will remedy or slow down hair loss, scientists have learned a lot in recent years. Unfortunately, several myths have been passed off as fact along the way. The following are 10 myths and facts about hair loss. Wearing Hats Can Cause Hair To Fall Out Hair follicles don't get their oxygen source from the air, but from the bloodstream. This means that the friction from a hat will not cause baldness. Baldness Comes From Your Mother's Side According to Bernstein [...]

Hair Replacement System Aftercare

You have done your homework and took the steps to get a fitted hair replacement system, and now you have a great, full head of hair again. Now the next step is making your hair replacement last as long as possible. This is not difficult but there are some aftercare practices you should follow. After Getting Your New Hair Replacement System Keep your hair cut a little longer at first. You can always cut it back more later but once it’s trimmed there is nothing you can do to make it longer. At first, your hair system may feel bouncy. That will settle within just [...]

Laser Hair Regrowth – All You Need to Know

Laser Hair Regrowth: All You Need to Know Whether you are experiencing severe hair loss or mild thinning hair at IHRS in Jacksonville offer treatments like laser hair loss treatment therapy that have shown to help individuals regain beautiful hair. More and more people are choosing this non-surgical treatment for their hair loss issues. Laser hair therapy is FDA cleared and there are no known side effects. The visible red light from the lasers penetrates several layers into the scalp tissue with no burning, and the results can be astonishing for hair that is thicker and fuller. What Is Laser Hair Regrowth Treatments? In a [...]

Restore Your Hair and Your Life with IHRS Hair Restoration Systems

The Perfect Solution for Hair Loss Treatment and Restoration for Men and Women Since 1990! For over 25 years IHRS (International Hair Restoration Systems) has been the number one leading hair loss treatment and hair restoration clinic in the Jacksonville, Florida area; and for good reason! The highly-trained and skilled technicians at IHRS have over 100 years in combined training and specialize in medical, non-medical and clinically-proven treatments for hair loss for men and women suffering from all types of hair loss and for all types of hair. I recently had the sincere pleasure of interviewing successful businessman, industry expert and owner of IHRS, Mr. [...]

FUE Hair Transplants Explained | IHRS Jacksonville Florida

Explaining FUE Hair Transplant Surgery For anyone thinking about having Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant surgery to restore their hair, there are a number of limitations to the procedure of which you should be aware. The procedure is about the re-distribution of hair from the donor area, typically from the back of the scalp. It doesn’t matter what experience the surgeon has or what clinic you go to, they cannot create new hair follicles out of the blue. All the extracted hairs have to come from a donor area. Typically, hair is the thickest at the back of your scalp, so most often this [...]

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