It is often surprising to learn how much people don’t understand about hair transplants. Often people hear the word “transplant” and they think of hair taken off another individual and put onto their own, which isn’t really possible. There are others that think that anyone can get a transplant and that isn’t true.

An important key factor for hair transplantation to be successful is having enough healthy hair follicles in the donor area. This is a portion of your scalp typically on the back or on the sides your head. If you are someone who is bald or near bald you may not have enough healthy follicles for a hair transplant. There are different factors that need to be looked into to see if you are a transplant candidate.

While it is possible to receive a second or even third hair transplant later on in life, if necessary, there are some things that may make it unrealistic.

Hair Transplant - Jacksonville, FLWhy a Second Hair Transplant May Not Be Feasible

There are those that do get a second hair transplant procedure at some point in their life. If you are still in good health and qualify as a good candidate then a hair restoration specialist should have no issue performing a 2nd transplant, 1 or even twenty years after your first one.

There are situations that could cause a second hair transplant to not be an option. First and foremost, would be the lack of healthy follicles in the donor area. You need enough follicles from your own scalp to fill in the thinning hair spots.

If you have already undergone a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), you may not have enough follicles available for another transplant. You don’t want to over harvest hair as that could create an uneven appearance.

Talking to a hair restoration specialist is an important step. Waiting until you are older and the pattern of your hair loss is established will help to make sure you don’t lose your hair around the follicles that are transplanted. This could leave you with gaps or weird looking patches. It helps to be smart and conservative from the start, then you may not need a second transplant later on.

When is it Possible to Receive a Second Hair Transplant?

If you are considering having another hair transplant surgery, talking to a hair specialist can examine your scalp and talk to you about the rate of which your hair is thinning. This will give you a good indication if a second hair transplant is possible.

What is comes down to is an answer of yes. It is possible to receive a second FUE procedure but the main factor is the number of health hair follicles that could be used. A specialist through your discussions of your health history and other hair growth options that may help be able to help without needing a full transplant with procedures like enhanced plasma therapy or laser hair therapy.