How Can You Handle Going Back to Work After a Hair Transplant.

best jacksonville hair transplant doctorFor those that have hair loss, it is not uncommon for many of them to feel self-conscious and insecure. This is often the main reason for people to push themselves to get a hair transplant. Now in a perfect world, they would simply go back to work shortly after the procedure and show off their new hair. In reality, the insecurity and anxiety that they have about losing their hair in the first place often carries over to admitting they have invested in a hair transplant.

What Does Medical Advice Suggest?
If you are feeling well enough after your hair transplant then there is no medical reason why you can’t go back to work after just a couple of days after your procedure. You should know that getting rest after your surgery will aid in the healing process. If your job isn’t physically demanding then there should be no reason why you couldn’t return to work. If you have a job that may require heavy lifting or some sort of manual labor then it would be best for you to stay out of work for at least two weeks. This will help you to avoid overexertion and will allow the transplant hair follicles to take a firm hold to your scalp.

Do I Want to Conceal the Fact I’ve Had a Hair Transplant?

If you are looking to hide the fact you had a hair transplant there are a few things you can do so your co-workers don’t know. After your hair transplant surgery, you will have some visible red spots and some scabbing. If it’s alright for you to wear a hat to work then you can probably return to work quicker. You may need to have a discreet conversation with your manager and get permission to wear a hat to work for the next few days.

If wearing a hat is not an option, then you may want to consider takes a week or two off to give your scalp time to heal and look better. A lot depends on your skin type and how quickly your head heals. Any visible signs of surgery should heal around a week. Most often the donor area is shaved very close to the head. This will leave you with a cropped hair for a little while.

If you want to minimize the chance of your co-workers making comments about the length of your hair, start cutting it shorter a couple of weeks before your procedure. If you are happy about your procedure, and many are very happy after, you may want to open up about your procedure and help them decide to do something about their hair loss issue.

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